Transgender Culture Makes Real Women Less Valuable | National Review

By elevating parodies and caricatures of womanhood, our culture makes actual women less valuable.

Women are vain, catty, and brainless. Women’s beauty is built on stiletto heels, false eyelashes, giant fake breasts, debilitatingly long manicured nails, and makeup. We know nothing about current events and sports; our heads are filled with gossip, worries about our accessories, and generating clickbait for our online profiles.

These are the messages sent by the elevation of transgender “spokeswomen” such as Dylan Mulvaney. Drag queens’ cartoonish depictions of overly sexualized women are no longer simply tolerated. Rather, the media and society elevate them to womanhood at its best. The mantra is no longer “trans women are women”; now trans women are the best women.

Trans women are also our best female athletes, so they must be allowed to take spots, scholarships, and awards from biological women. Convicted criminals — including violent sex offenders — should be allowed to self-select into whatever prison facility they feel most comfortable. Biological female prisoners fearing for their physical safety are just transphobic. Trans women must be allowed to expose their male genitalia in women’s locker rooms. If the young women around them are uncomfortable, then those girls should get help with their hang-ups. Never mind if these women are recent sexual and physical-assault survivors or just want privacy. Trans women’s need for inclusion in women’s spaces is more important than a biological woman’s safety and privacy.

Women once fought to not be objectified and looked at as a collection of body parts. Yet now, we commonly hear women referred to as bleeders, people with periods, chest feeders, and worse. Spokeswomen selling feminine-hygiene products now have never even had a period; they’ve never felt the cramps and fatigue. They’ve never experienced these things because they do not have ovaries and a uterus. For them, these are useful props, and it’s all just a schtick.

Source: Transgender Culture Makes Real Women Less Valuable | National Review

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