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A trans-identified male is awaiting arraignment on charges of sexually abusing a baby while working at a daycare center. Maria Childers, 25, had been employed at the Explore Learning Academy in Paducah, Kentucky when the abuse is said to have occurred last November. \

According to a solitary local report on the incident, Childers had made inappropriate comments towards the infant while changing the child’s diaper, and had also touched the baby inappropriately.

Childers has been charged with first-degree sexual abuse of a victim under the age of 12, and is currently housed in the McCracken County Jail with a bond set at $100,000. According to the inmate roster, his sex has been recorded as male. He is expected in court for arraignment on March 23.

Source: Transgender Daycare Worker Charged With Sexually Abusing Baby – Reduxx

One thought on “Transgender Daycare Worker Charged With Sexually Abusing Baby – Reduxx”

  1. What the pretty posed pictures do not show are the swirling bio chemical changes of masculinity, the testosterone and adrenaline, the heavy bones and muscle mass of a man, the ability to be violent with real force behind it which, when used to protect the vulnerable is courageous but when used to hurt the vulnerable is an obscenity which goes against the ideals of masculinity for millennia.

    Nice to see the police label him as male. That’s a change…

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