Transgender lobby group Rainbow Rights Watch swamps Press Council with complaints

The Australian Press Councils resources are being swamped by a little-known transgender lobby group responsible for almost half of all complaints lodged against the nations major media outlets.

A Press Council meeting last month was told 165 of 387 complaints that had been active for more than 17 weeks had been lodged by the outfit’s two directors. The lobby group has two directors — Claire Southey, 40, and Lilian Dean, 41, documents filed with the corporate regulator reveal. Both work in IT-related roles for major companies, according to their LinkedIn profiles.

The Sydney-based group has become a headache for the press council — swamping it with complain­ts about reporting on transgender issues. The group keeps a low profile but appears to be single-handedly trying to shape reporting on transgender issues by tying up the media in complaints that take many executive hours to resolve. The council’s constituent mem­bers will meet today to discuss the body’s handling of issue­s related to the transgender community.

The press council has been dragged by Rainbow Rights Watch before the NSW Civil and Administrative Tribunal, accused of discriminating against transgender people by treating the group’s complaints less favourably than equivalent claims from refugees, Muslims and others. The dispute was referred to NCAT by the NSW Anti-Discrimination Board. editor-in-chief Kate de Brito said this week the press council seemed “determined to censor the media from using the word ‘transgender’ ”.

Daily Mail Australia managing director Peter Holder said his organisat­ion was a committed press council member but was “becoming increasingly concerned and frustrated” by the way it was “being held to ransom by a small but well-drilled group which appear­s to oppose any use of the ‘T word’ ”.

The flood of complaints is understood to be draining the Press Council’s limited resources.

Source: Transgender lobby group Rainbow Rights Watch swamps Press Council with complaints

2 thoughts on “Transgender lobby group Rainbow Rights Watch swamps Press Council with complaints”

  1. I hope the press council will uphold journalistic integrity and not capitulate to pressure from special interests. Imagine if this was a religious or corporate lobby. Transgender extremists are similar to religious fanatics and are relentless in their bullying and demands. The press must serve the public interests & report accurately not distort words & journalism to appease a fringe group & their ideological demands. Thanks.

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