Transgender Movement: Silent Majority Lets It Happen

Transgender activists are enabled by those of us who know better.

If America is anything like the U.K., the numbers of gender-confused children seeking clinical attention is likely skyrocketing. The main gender youth clinic in Britain saw fewer than 100 children in 2009 and around 2,500 last year. There also has been a 42-fold increase in the number of females seeking treatment. The British liberal press is reporting scandal after scandal at this clinic — whistleblower clinicians resigning, a parents’ lawsuit, the former governor of the trust that oversees the clinic being quoted in the Times of London that it is “not fit for purpose.” But the truth is that the scandals in Britain are nothing compared to the unreported gender experiment happening in America.

To be clear: “Affirming” a child’s “social transition” is a form of social-psychological treatment, one with very little research behind it, and one on which no school counselor, teacher, or parent should embark lightly. Some medical experts and researchers worry that this treatment might make it harder for a child to accept his or her body later on and might also put them on a pathway to irreversible medicalization.

How many more people must be needlessly hurt before we decide to dismantle activist tricks and “techniques”? Before we decide to tell them “No way,” “There’s no evidence,” “This isn’t safe,” “This isn’t science,” and, frankly, “This isn’t even plausible.” How will this issue magically resolve itself — our statutes, science books, and dictionaries having all been rewritten?

Source: Transgender Movement: Silent Majority Lets It Happen | National Review

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