‘Transgender’ Serial Killer Who Hates Women Will Soon be Eligible for Parole – Women Are Human

AU — Anakie, Victoria. Thirty years ago, a killer held a suburban town in the grip of terror for seven weeks of summer, causing real estate values to plunge and locals to hide indoors at night. The inmate, who is serving a life sentence for a series of stalking murders targeting women because “I hate them,” will soon have a chance at parole.

Paul Charles Denyer, the third of six children, was born in Sydney, Australia in 1972 to working class British immigrants, and began identifying as a woman named Paula in 2021.
Last year, the inmate filed freedom of information requests inquiring about the Victorian government’s gender reassignment surgery policy for inmates and formally requested an evaluation for gender surgery. His application was denied by medical specialists, and he lost a legal battle seeking permission to buy and wear makeup.
Mr Denyer has been behind bars since his arrest 30 years ago for attacking four random women with a knife, killing three.
Videos of his police interrogation show Mr Denyer laughing when asked, “Were you responsible for the deaths of these women?” After over 1500 questions, the suspect nonchalantly confessed. “Can you explain why we have women victims?” an officer inquired. Mr Denyer replied: “I just hate them.” The officer responded, “I beg your pardon,” to which Mr Denyer reiterated, “I hate them.” The officer asked, “Those particular girls or women in general?” Mr Denyer told the officer, “General.”
WARNING: the details contained in this article are extremely disturbing.

Source: ‘Transgender’ Serial Killer Who Hates Women Will Soon be Eligible for Parole – Women Are Human

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