One thought on “Transgenderism: A New Operating System for Patriarchy”

  1. This is an enlightening, but scary, article. It gives an insight into HOW this Transgender Cult has spread its message with militaristic precision and lightening speed, but not WHO is behind it – or WHY so many educated but gullible people (academics, politicians, medical professionals, bureaucrats, police, military, etc) simply adopted it without question. I can’t help but think we need to take a long hard look at what went on in Nazi Germany. The similarities are compelling, but (because of the internet) the TRA is fascism on steroids. We need to look at the Resistance (including the White Rose, i.e. after many German citizens became horrified at what had been going on under their noses). And we need to consider a bit of tough love i.e. to the point of abandoning the ‘cockroached’ humans who have been fatally ‘stung’ by this TRA dementor wasp (like the Jewel Wasp – Ampulex dementor – TRA is pretty but deadly). Many of us are social justice advocates, and traditionally leaned to the left of politics but (when the left has been so pervasively conscripted, infiltrated, infected, infested and terminally crippled by this deadly parasitoid) we need to quarantine ourselves from them – and, yes, leave the witless cockroaches to perish (while those not yet infected take action to protect ourselves, so we can then arrest the spread and destroy the killer). Given that the monsters behind this raging pandemic also patrol the internet, is it even safe to be using their controlled routes to spread our messages (when they can just whack in an algorithm and track us all down)? They are exercising coercive control on steroids – and we need to try and find a safe way to get out, and begin to learn the tactics of war on terror. Yes, we need to listen to older folk with lived experience, but maybe we also need to turn to the likes of the Jewish Cultural Centre (and ask for help deal with one of their own who has turned heinously demonic – and is masterminding a holocaust on women). Lest we forget!

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