Transgenderism, Neoliberalism and Rape Culture: Brisbane talk

The mindless mantra “transwomen are women” encapsulates both the ideology and attitudes of transgenderism, and the neoliberal zeitgeist, in three words. It implies the destruction of nature, of biology, of our own bodies – including through the radical mastectomies increasingly conducted on adolescent girls, mainly lesbians. It is based on the commodification of women, and it leads to the removal of legal protections and social supports designated for women and based on sex, and using this mantra like a threat – because if you don’t accept it, you are a bigot – men are colonising women’s hard-won spaces, organisations, movements and safehouses as well as lesbian culture.

This mantra is also having the effect of consolidating the domestication of the whole political left – peace groups, unions, socialist organisations –and assimilating them with the establishment as they commit to and prioritise transgender mythology, purge feminists and independent, critical thinkers from their ranks, and build stronger ties to the liberal political parties and big money also promoting gender identity and funding the Pride Parades.

In this way, the lie that “transwomen are women” is the neoliberal answer to the myth of the resurrection within the Catholic church. It is the one crazy thing you need to accept, these days, to demonstrate that despite whatever else you believe in or work toward, you are ultimately willing to surrender your critical faculties and submit to power and groupthink.

Voltaire’s famous warning that “Those who can make you believe absurdities, can make you commit atrocities” is also pertinent.

[A]s Audre Lorde famously said, “your silence will not protect you.” So to women out there holding their tongues to stay safe, I say, we are living in an era of rising authoritarianism, and this ideology is one vehicle for it. You need to find your sisters. Now is the time to speak the truth where you can, in spite of those who will turn on you or who refuse to offer you solidarity – and find your sisters. We are here, we are healing and finding our voices together, and we want you among us.

Source: Transgenderism, Neoliberalism and Rape Culture: Brisbane talk – Writing by Renee

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