Trauma of gender reversal: Transgender activism deserves scrutiny

The transgender cause is pitched as the civil rights movement of the 21st century. It is no such thing. No legitimate civil rights movement would emasculate the rights of women or show scant regard for the welfare of children or disregard the wellbeing of the most vulnerable, people suffering con­fusion and underlying traumas.

Nor would it ignore the growing number of adults who regret ­undergoing gender-reassignment surgery. And there is nothing “civil” or “right” about a political movement that silences dissenters and punishes those who try to bring nuance to a complicated story about sex and gender.

We need to be able to discuss this serious business of gender transition by gathering research and listening to clinicians. But, as Caspian says, too many clinicians are afraid of speaking up. “One clinician told me she felt like a heretic, another said that ‘I didn’t think we were allowed to talk about this de-transitioning’. They are afraid for their careers.”

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