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“I believed it was a woman’s place to be sexually harmed by men, that it was natural,” Prisha Mosley told The Washington Post. Mosley was just 14 when a man sexually assaulted her.

The rape resulted in a pregnancy that ended in a miscarriage. An already broken girl began to struggle with intense anorexia, anxiety, depression, and suicidal thoughts. The body into which she was born became like an iron maiden, a box spiked with nails that constantly pierced her psyche from all directions.

Then, one day, she was introduced to a panacea, the thing that would, like spring rain, wash away all her heartache and pain. Mosley was encouraged to medically transition from a girl to a boy. It offered the possibility of escaping the womanhood that she had come to associate with bottomless suffering. In so-called gender-affirming care, Mosley saw hope glimmering on the horizon.

But her sexual transition ultimately made everything worse. Mosley’s daily life became a waking nightmare. Now her psychological scars would be accompanied by physical ones. They would serve as reminders that when she was lost and in need of help, Mosley was led into treacherous shoals by the siren song of transgenderism, irreversibly damaging her body in the process.

Last summer, Mosley announced that she was suing the medical practitioners and clinics that took her down this primrose path. She is one of a growing number of “detransitioners” seeking legal restitution from those who failed to uphold the Hippocratic oath and “do no harm.” The lawsuits come at a time when more and more data emerge to confirm the obvious: gender reassignment treatments are morally dangerous and scientifically unsound, as Mosley’s case illustrates. Though each detransitioner has a horror story, Mosley’s is particularly hellish.

Source: Turning the Tide on Transgenderism – Chronicles

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