Twitter’s free speech threatens radical trans activism | The Spectator Australia

The issue with the Musk takeover of Twitter is not that the Left are frightened of hearing right-wing opinions (they all know what they are), they are not worried about Hitler rising from the dead, and they are not even worried about the identities of the imaginary gendered. The new establishment Left are worried about their inability to create universal regulatory capture. If Twitter doesn’t submit, that is a big deal, and gender identity is a vital cog in a very authoritarian wheel

In my feminist side of the political pool, we say that an organisation is ‘captured’ if it has accepted the ideology that human beings are capable of changing sex with gender confessions. Once an organisation that you work for has accepted this ideology, (which is central to the Australian Workplace Equality Index (AWEI) run by ACON), if you are found saying that men can never be women on social media, in printed opinion, or at a dinner party that someone can overhear, your income can be in jeopardy.

Gender identity does not so much erase women, as it puts them in direct and legal subjugation to the worst of men. This is why trans activists (TRA’s) and men’s rights activists (MRA’s) have almost identical arguments. There is a fine line between an MRA and a TRA, and it’s drawn with an eyebrow pencil.

This simple fiction that gender is prominent over sex is now being used to remove Western women’s right to politically assemble in protest against terrible and dangerous legislation.

Source: Twitter’s free speech threatens radical trans activism | The Spectator Australia

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