UK: Former Leader in “Gender Diversity” Organization Pleads Guilty to Live-Streaming Castrations, Distributing Child Pornography

A former queer activist from Norway has pleaded guilty in a London court after carrying out castrations and livestreaming the footage as pornography to a paying audience over a span of six years. Marius Gustavson, 46, uploaded recordings of the illicit surgeries to his ‘Eunuch Maker’ website, netting up to £200,000 from subscribers.

The practice of removing the testicles or amputating the penis is linked to a male body modification fetish subculture known as “nullification,” and participants identify themselves as “nullos” or “smoothies.” While advertising his Eunuch Maker site and services online, Gustavson called himself Theo and described himself as a “happy nullo.”

Gustavson was initially arrested along with six other men in February 2022. Shortly after his arrest, he told The Independent in an interview that he had undergone an amateur orchiectomy himself and carried the operation out on 58 other men. He stated that he had his own genitals surgically removed because he wanted to “look like a Ken doll with nothing down there.”

At the time of his arrest Gustavson had told the press that he executed the procedures using a Burdizzo, an instrument for removing the testicles of livestock. He admitted that he kept the amputated appendages in his freezer and preserved them in alcohol in his basement apartment.

A registration form on the site listed possible “gender identities” based on sadomasochistic criteria. Among them were eunuch, nullo (nullification), and cutter, a euphemism for a person who performs male genital modification surgeries.

Promotions on his primary platform direct visitors to another URL owned by Gustavson, Archived versions of the page redirect to yet another online community,, which is cited in criminal charges filed October 21, 2020, in the U.S. state of Oklahoma against two men who participated in fetishistic genital surgeries.

Bobby Lee Allen and his partner Thomas Evan Gates were charged with conspiracy to commit an unlicensed surgery, maiming, and failure to bury a dead human member, and assault and battery with a dangerous weapon.

The two men, self-described ‘cannibals’, removed the testicles of a 28-year-old Virginia resident as part of an illegally conducted gender reassignment surgery. Afterwards, according to court records, Allen laughed and told the victim he intended to consume his amputated members.

In another grisly case involving Gustavson’s forum, an elderly Florida man was sentenced to three years in prison following a bloody botched home castration he performed and recorded on camera, apparently intending to broadcast the footage through the Eunuch Maker site. Gary Van Ryswyk, 76, performed the genital surgery in August 2019 on a male victim, then aged 53.

As previously revealed by Reduxx, Gustavson was in a leadership position at a Norwegian trans activist lobbying group prior to relocating to England to carry out his clandestine genital mutilation surgeries. From 2001 through 2007, Gustavson was Chairman of the Board for the Buskerud chapter of The Norwegian Organization for Sexual and Gender Diversity, now known as FRI (foreningen for kjønns- og seksualitetsmangfold). During this time, FRI, Norway’s oldest and largest LGBT organization, went by the name ‘The National Association for Lesbian and Gay Liberation,’ or LLH.

In 2018, The Norwegian Organization for Sexual and Gender Diversity (FRI) successfully lobbied the World Health Organization to officially depathologize fetishism, sadomasochism, and fetishistic transvestitism by removing them from the 11th revision of the International Classifications of Diseases and Related Health Problems (ICD-11).

Source: UK: Former Leader in “Gender Diversity” Organization Pleads Guilty to Live-Streaming Castrations, Distributing Child Pornography

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