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In what is said to be the first case of its kind, a man in Scotland appeared in court to have public order complaints he committed under two different gender identities and names heard on the same day.

Alan Morgan, 50, was sentenced to a 3-month restriction of liberty order in relation to four different public order complaints. In two of those complaints, he was designated as a man under his birth name, and for the other two, he was designated a woman under the name “Alannah.”

During a hearing over the March flashing incident which took place earlier this year, Morgan’s solicitor had argued that the exposure was “not a sexual act” but “a demonstration” during an “argument over gender.”

In most news reports on Morgan’s crimes, he was referred to by both masculine and feminine pronouns, alternating depending on whether the offenses being described were committed under his male or female personas.

“In the article this person is referred to as ‘he’ and ‘she’ if this doesn’t highlight the absolute batshit-craziness of this, I dunno what does,” Nellie Munro wrote in response to the Scottish Sun‘s article.

Other users took issue with the court’s sentencing, finding it too lenient for the laundry list of offenses Morgan had committed.

Source: UK: Serial Offender Appears In Court as Both Man AND Woman on Same Day – Reduxx

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