Unit aims to stop gender ideology ‘compromising’ women’s rights (UK)

Labour MP Rosie Duffield, SNP MP Joanna Cherry, and Conservative peer Baroness Jenkin of Kennington have joined forces to help ensure policies across the public sector that are based on gender identity theory are documented and scrutinised.

Their shared belief that “scientific fact and reality have become the victim of an ideological revolution” will be addressed by a dedicated “biology matters” unit at Policy Exchange, the influential think tank.

Two years’ ago, the Government rejected a proposed law that would allow people to officially change gender without a medical diagnosis. However, many organisations have developed policies enabling self-identification of “gender identity”.
Recent examples include an NHS hospital using the terms such as “birthing people” instead of “mothers” in an effort to be more “inclusive” to pregnant patients who identify as transgender.
Elsewhere, prosecutors have been told that defendants who identify as transgender should be referred to in court using their preferred pronouns.
Some schools have introduced unisex lavatories acting on the advice from some groups that say it is “best practice” under the Equality Act. However, in August, Suella Braverman, former attorney general, said that schools that only offer “gender-neutral” lavatories are acting unlawfully.
Policies that “lean towards accommodating the concerns of a small but vocal minority risk compromising the rights and safety of women and children, and same-sex attracted people”, the three politicians said in a joint statement.

Source: Unit aims to stop gender ideology ‘compromising’ women’s rights

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