Upcoming Panel on Women’s Rights “Hateful…TERFs,” “Fascists,” ‘Non-Binary’ Councillors Say | Women Are Human

AU — Tasmania. An event expected to host “an expert panel of speakers for an afternoon discussing the impact of” gender identity on “women, children and transgender people” has raised the ire of two City Councillors. The young legislators are condemning the panel, scheduled to take place at Town Hall, as the platforming of “fascist” and “hateful views” of “TERFs” by the city. One of the Councillors additionally slammed women as “foul hags” for asking whether children should receive therapy before puberty blockers or hormones are prescribed.
The event is a joint effort by Save Women’s Sport, the Coalition for Biological Reality, Women Speak Tasmania and the LGB Alliance. Scheduled panelists are Claire Chandler, Senator for Tasmania; Katherine Deves, a lawyer and co-founder Save Women’s Sport Australasia; Dianne Kenny, professor and author of Gender Dysphoria in Children and Young People; Pauley Johnston, described on the event flyer as a “trans community member” of the Coalition for Biological Reality; Patrick Parkinson, professor at the University of Queensland TC Beirne School of Law; and Holly Lawford-Smith, associate professor of political philosophy at University of Melbourne.

Source: Upcoming Panel on Women’s Rights “Hateful…TERFs,” “Fascists,” ‘Non-Binary’ Councillors Say | Women Are Human

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