Update from the bear pit

I put my career on the line to speak out about the dangers of gender ideology, ONLY because I was deeply worried about women’s rights being removed, their words being erased, their dignity sacrificed and their lives endangered. I never wanted to be seen as a figurehead, I always just wanted to help make it safer for women to speak. To be accused, then, of doing all this for selfish reasons by someone who never risked a single thing publicly, was particularly hurtful.

Comically, even the man who monetised the harassment campaign against me and made 350 grand for Mermaids, now says he is a gender ‘agnostic’. What a shame he raised all that money for an organisation that ‘fixes’ gender-noncomforming children for the benefit of their homophobic parents. Mad idea I know, but maybe it’s a good idea to be certain of your position before you support medicalising kids?

Also, great news from Sweden, where people reporting to gender clinics has decreased by 65% in the first quarter (so, pre-lockdown). Almost as if it was…a fad? What a fad, though. As I’ve said before, at least bellbottoms didn’t make people sterile.

Graham Linehan

Source: Update from the bear pit

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