Victoria Police officers interviewed, station raided over ‘false’ non-binary claims

Victoria Police officers have searched the force’s Frankston station and interviewed several officers accused of claiming to be non-binary to fraudulently claim more money for civilian clothing allowances.

Chief Commissioner Shane Patton announced a probe into the issue in July, after reports that some male officers had been rorting a discrepancy in the force’s clothing allowance by identifying as non-binary.
A Victoria Police spokesperson confirmed seven male officers had been interviewed over the matter, while a search warrant had been executed at a southern region police station on July 21.
A member of the Frankston crime investigation unit was arrested by detectives from the Professional Standards Command on Monday, according to a police source not authorised to speak publicly.
Patton announced the investigation after the force noted a sharp increase in the number of officers identifying as gender-neutral over the previous year.
The claims were first raised by the @discernibleofficial Instagram page in June, which posted: “We have unconfirmed ­reports from inside Victoria Police that management is pulling their hair out after a majority of a CIU (crime investigation unit) in southern region changed their profile in the HR system to be ‘gender neutral’.”

Source: Victoria Police officers interviewed, station raided over ‘false’ non-binary claims

2 thoughts on “Victoria Police officers interviewed, station raided over ‘false’ non-binary claims”

  1. Is this an article in the onion? How on Earth can you prove or unprove that someone is “gender neutral”? This is peak absurdity.

  2. I find this hilarious really.

    So it’s OK to push your way into the women’s change room at the local baths if you pull a dress over your massive, manly shoulders as long as you identify as female yet if you falsely identify as ‘non binary’ as a police man to earn a few more bucks it prompts an investigation…

    This is pure madness.

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