Victorian Pride Centre discriminates against lesbian group  — LGB Alliance Australia

Victoria’s new Pride Centre has rejected an application to hold a lesbian-only event at the Centre. The Lesbian Action Group, a group of lesbians from Melbourne and Central Victoria, have applied for an exemption from the Australian Human Rights Commission to hold a female-only lesbian event.

Carole Anne, co-convenor of the group said, “It is not anti-trans, it is pro-lesbians who are born female. We are not asking for anyone to be denied who they are. It is for us to also be recognised for who we are and have a bit of space for that and acknowledgement that our lived experience is different.”

Nicole Mowbray from LGB Alliance Australia and the Lesbian Action Group said, “The irony is we can legally get married now but we can’t exclusively meet in a single-sex space”.

It must be noted that the Pride Centre has held trans-only events.

LGB Alliance Australia has recently shown that mainstream rainbow organisations are badly failing the LGB community. The rejection by the Pride Centre to host a lesbian-only event is further proof of how LGBTQ organisations are prioritising gender identity over those with same-sex attraction.

The Pride Centre is the first of its kind built in Australia, specifically purpose-built for members of the LGBTQ community’s use. That the Victorian Pride Centre has rejected the Lesbian Action Group’s application for a lesbian-only event shows how they are unfairly discriminating against lesbians – a group who should supposedly be able to access the centre – and favouring some letters in LGBTQ over others.

Source: Victorian Pride Centre discriminates against lesbian group  — LGB Alliance Australia

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