Victorian Women’s Guild – Threats to Lesbians by Chris Sitka

We are very concerned about the dangers to lesbians resulting from the advance of Trans Rights Activism (TRA) and the rapid, unquestioning adoption of trans perspectives by governments, institutions and community organisations. Not only are our rights to be lesbian, and to congregate as lesbians, being eroded there are even moves to completely erase lesbianism as a sexuality!

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Lesbian Erasure


Peer pressure against lesbians

Lesbian dating undermined
Lesbian isolation

Social media violence against lesbians

Anti-lesbian laws

LGBTIQ+ betrayal of lesbians
Capture of Human Rights Organisations
Rapid Onset Gender Dysphoria
Queer and non-binary displacing lesbianism
Lesbian sexuality

Source: Victorian Women’s Guild – Threats to Lesbians

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