Violence against women in Australia: Six women killed in a week

Sophie Aubrey from Mamamia writes:
These six deaths are part of our shameful epidemic of gendered violence, and yet we are seeing no national outrage, no pledges to act from our leaders, no fiercely-worded statements.
According to data collated by Destroy The Joint, 52 women have died violent deaths in Australia so far in 2018. That’s more than one every week.
And last week’s numbers are a particularly large stain on an already pitiful record, accounting for about 11 per cent of the year’s deaths.
This is without a doubt a national emergency. And yet we aren’t hearing a peep from our country’s leaders.
We need to demand action from our state and federal governments to curb the violence, from pouring much-needed funds to front-line services through to supporting respectful relationships programs in schools so our children have better hope of avoiding jail or an early grave.

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