Violent deaths in Australia: Powerful image reveals dark reality

AN interactive map that puts violent deaths into stunning perspective has gone live in a first of its kind for Australia.
The Red Heart Campaign has commemorated more than 1000 lives of women and children lost to violence in an online interactive memorial which its creators have called the ‘Australian Femicide Map’.
“All of the hearts you see represent women and children lost to violence in Australia,” according to a Red Heart statement released today.
“Simple tap on a (heart) and the victim’s story and photo will pop up as will the location of their death.”
Figures by the Red Heart Campaign also show that 69 men have been murdered so far in 2018. It is alleged most of these deaths were caused by another man. Of those 69 men who have died, 11 of them were allegedly related to family violence. It is alleged that out of those 10 deaths, five men were killed by another male, and six were killed by a female.
Red Heart Campaign researcher Katherine Benson said the statistics showed “we are not at risk of terrorism, we are at risk of each other”.
“Growing up in the ’80s I was taught about stranger danger,” she said. “Nobody taught me to be cautious of the people that I loved.”
“Men are killing men. Men’s Rights Activists (MRA’s) are lying about male violence. Men are lying about statistics around male suicide, and we should all be outraged by that.”

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