2 thoughts on “Volunteers keep Australia moving, but their unpaid work won’t be explored in the Census”

  1. This is clearly wrong from so many perspectives – not the least that at least the Anti-Discrimination Act 1998 (Tasmania) extends discrimination in employment provisions to volunteer workers …

  2. Radical feminism follows fundamentally a Marxist analysis of patriarchy. GNP (the gross national product figure) ignores at-home female work and has done so as a fundamental overstatement of capitalism’s benefits, and justification for domination of women. The very very strange failure to adequately count women’s work in society, including unpaid care labor, unpaid social and emotional labor, unpaid domestic labor, and unpaid vounteer labor, make GNP figure utterly male-biased
    . To learn more. RFs must get into Marx, Maria Mies, Christine Delphy, Esther Boserup, and many more thinkers.

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