Want to earn more than men? Take up surfing, or bulldozing, or maybe goat farming

The ATO data has been published across an extensive feature on the ABC today.
While women out-earn men across 80 occupations, many of them obscure, there are still another 1000 or so occupations where men continue to out-earn women, in some cases by a sickening amount.
In the top 10 jobs where men have higher incomes than women the differences can be worth hundreds of thousands of dollars. A male Ophthalmologist earns $330,000 more than his female counterparts, taking home $578,838 a year compared to women on $247,905. There are similar gaps across other medical professions, including Otorhinolaryngologists, where men take home $304,000 more than women.
Meanwhile those men who declare their job as being ‘cricketer’ on their tax returns take home $311,972 a year, compared with women on $39,711.

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