We must save women’s sports for women

As a female powerlifter, I’m used to going up against a challenge by myself. When I spoke out in defense of saving women’s sports for women, though, I was surprised to find myself standing alone.

Women’s sports are for women. There is a reason why women’s sports exist. Biologically, men and women are fundamentally different. Men have greater muscle mass and bone density as well as different bone structures. Their cardiovascular systems are more powerful. So, when men and women go head-to-head in a sport, the man has a natural advantage — and that advantage does not go away just because that man claims a female gender identity or manipulates hormones.

I have seen that excelling in a sport can do wonders for a woman’s confidence. I have also seen that being beaten by a man in her own sport tears a woman down.

Source: We must save women’s sports for women – StarTribune.com

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