We trans women should compete only against men

“Trans women are women” is more than a slogan, it’s a demand for compliance. But it’s also vacuous rhetoric that has led us away from truth and into a land of make-believe. With a sense of entitlement rather than empathy, transgender campaigners have demanded access to status, scholarships and bursaries in sport and politics that were previously reserved for women. By carrot and stick — appealing to their good nature while denouncing dissenters as bigots — women have come under pressure to accept trans women like me not as allies but as actual women.

Objections based on biology are dismissed as unkind in a world where feelings take precedence over facts. However, inconvenient truth is still truth and in sport, biology matters when segregating the sexes.

We trans women should compete against, and alongside, men in open competition. We can campaign for separate facilities to protect our dignity — and distinct record-keeping that recognises our success — but let’s leave female sport to female people. We owe it to our daughters.


Source: We trans women should compete only against men | Comment | The Times

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