What happens at an exclusive men’s only charity dinner

Last Thursday 360 male leaders from business, politics, finance and entertainment gathered at The Dorchester hotel in London’s Mayfair donning tuxedos for a men’s only charity auction that has been held for the past 33 years.

The Presidents Club Charity Dinner is ostensibly a worthy annual event that has raised over 20 million pounds for charity but an undercover investigation has revealed there is a sleazy component to this supposedly ‘prestigious’ dinner.

Once the men were seated in the ballroom they were joined by the “entertainment” that came in the form of 130 young females hosts, dressed in skimpy black dresses and corset-like belts, who had been advised to wear high heels and matching underwear for the occasion.

The women were paraded out and then spread around the room for the viewing pleasure and titillation of the men. There was groping and harassment and inexplicable hand-holding, and propositioning.


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