What really went on in the Roe v Wade story?

Roe v Wade is famous worldwide as the Supreme Court decision that protects American women’s right to abortion.

But Norma McCorvey, the “Jane Roe” of the case, never got the abortion she wanted. Instead, she had the baby and gave her up for adoption.

Now, five decades later, the “Roe baby”, Shelley Lynn Thornton, has gone public for the first time.

Shelley was 18 when a woman sent by The Enquirer broke the news to her that her mum was Jane Roe.

She followed the news of Norma, who went from fighting for abortion rights to fighting against abortion, when she was befriended by Reverend Flip Benham, who baptised her in a backyard pool.

Four years later, when Norma knew she was dying, she revealed in the documentary AKA Jane Roe that she only joined the anti-abortion side because she’d been paid to do it, saying she was “a good actress”.

When Norma was right near the end, lying in a Texas hospital, attached to tubes, Melissa called Shelley, to see if she wanted to meet her face to face.

Shelley still wasn’t sure. And then it was too late.

Source: What really went on in the Roe v Wade story?

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