What you need to know about domestic violence in Australia: It is a crisis

Family, domestic and sexual violence is a crisis in Australia that is not abating.
A landmark study conducted by the government’s Australian Institute of Health and Welfare (AIHW) confirms DV remains a major health and welfare issue that predominantly affects women and children.
The study found that family violence is a leading cause of homelessness, that the problem has grown in the past five years and that millions of children have been physically or sexually abused.
Who is most at risk?
Women. Men are more likely to experience violence from strangers and in a public place, but women are most likely to know the perpetrator (often their current or a previous partner) and the violence usually takes place in their home.
Indigenous women, young women, pregnant women, women separating from their partners, women with disability and women experiencing financial hardship are at the greatest risk of experiencing domestic violence.
Women and men who experienced abuse or witnessed domestic violence as children are also at an increased risk.

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