When men talk gender diversity and the lies that are told to women

Denniss offered some “stinging” and hard truths, sharing his four tips on how to actually close the super gap:

“Step one, don’t go into the caring profession. Don’t. You will never ever match men’s super if you choose low paid work. Two. Don’t take time out of the labour market to care for children, if you understand the genius of compounding interest you’ll know the more you put away when you’re young the more you’ll have later on. Three. Don’t take time out of the workforce when you’re older to care for your parents or your partners parents.

“Four. This is the summary one. Be a man! We invented superannuation’s, it’s the last vestiges of the male breadwinner, harvester male model. It works well for well paid people like me who don’t take lots of time out of the workforce.”


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