Where Have All the Tomboys Gone?

Lesbians United, a group that parked a #SaveTheTomboys truck around NYC, has been waging a campaign to wrest masculine girls from the clutches of an ideology that told them they were or might be boys because they were more male-typical than female-typical. I never talked to this group, but there is some research that shows tomboyish girls are more likely to grow up to be lesbians than non-tomboyish girls.

When I interviewed affirmative but nuanced clinicians (they exist! I promise!), they told me they weren’t as worried about the “always tomboy” types, the ones who’d been super masculine since childhood—presumably, they’d be less likely to regret (that leaves aside the important question of whether they would want to transition if we had room for gender nonconformity, but that’s for another time). The clinicians were far more worried about the almost-never-before-seen cohort of teens, mostly girls, arriving at clinics self-diagnosed with gender dysphoria and demanding medical intervention: the bulk of the 4000-5000% increase in trans kids. That means that the majority of girls with this condition, and likely undergoing transition, were not tomboyish. When you listen to stories of rapid-onset-gender-dysphoria girls, they are remarkably similar, right down to being properly feminine in childhood. Thus, dysphoria is also, to a certain extent, popular.

Have the tomboys disappeared? In many ways yes—some because they identify as trans these days, and some because it’s simply not a hip style for kids. There are masculine young women who transitioned and found solace, and there are masculine young women—and feminine young women!—who transitioned and realized they were lesbians (or straight) and wish they hadn’t changed themselves. Medical associations are not developing protocols to make sure people understand the relationship between gender and sexuality, or based on the very real premise that there is no way to tell who will persist or desist, be satisfied or regretful. Instead, the culture war continues, and it looks like this:


Source: Where Have All the Tomboys Gone?

2 thoughts on “Where Have All the Tomboys Gone?”

  1. This is a sociological contagion that has gained such prominence due to the internet accessed by the smart phone.

    As a society we have not learned to use or limit the new technology and lie helpless before the ‘pile ons’ and ‘cancellings’.

    Capitalism is implicit as it rolls over whenever it senses it’s profits are threatened. Rather than take legal action against such pressure.

    ‘Diversity’ is a dual goal and threat. If companies do not actively virtue signal ‘diversity’ with little rainbow flags or trans flags, then they fear being singled out as ‘trans phobic’.

    The orthodoxy is so strong that to even question it is to risk your job or your premises (as the FLS has found to it’s cost). And as I myself have found out…

    It is like the speeches Stalin would give. The applause would continue until people dropped in exhaustion because to be the first one to stop would risk the Gulag or worse.

    No one is immune. The Essedon football club debacle is an example powered by the same mainspring. I am personally an atheist but free speech is what sets us apart from dictatorships.

    I am concerned that we are heading down a very slippery path that can only end in totalitarianism…

  2. In fact I WAS a New York Tomboy from 1967 to 1972…but lifelong even after I left NYC. Came out as a Butch Lesbian.in Colorado in 1981.

    I had my own little ” gang” in the Upper West Side I ran with a pal of mine. We explored alleyways, had adventures, did trick or treating together, rode bikes, visited each other’s apartments together. All on OUR side of the street. West Side Story became my anthem a few years later when I first swa it in Colorado.

    If girls are left alone just to BE and praisedfor being strong, capable, adventurous and ground breaking where other gitls fear to tread…there will always be tomboys. Even in trying to suppress it we will hold our true nature close.

    EVERY Butch Lesbian I know was a tomboy and resisted being feminized or limited in our activities, play, interests and more practical comfortable clothes. We playrd hard, often with thr boys and frlt we just as capable, smart, athletic and adventurous. We did NOT want to be in the domestic sphere or limited to it.

    Leaving girls alone the tomboys will grow. But transing kids eliminates quickly this population..
    Better a tomboy than.a transboy, set up for a world if hurt, drugs, hormones, surgeries and obsession to obtain something they never will. A lie. You cannot change sex. But every Female CAN be free if we all work towards OUR FREEDOM. And that for every Tomboy and all Females.

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