Why is Jessica Yaniv still on Twitter and not in jail?

So, what do we know about Jessica Yaniv? We know, until recently, he went by the name Jonathan. We know he filed 16 human rights complaints against female estheticians in the Vancouver area after they declined to give him a ‘Brazilian’ bikini wax. We know there are numerous allegations that he preyed on underage girls. Most recently, Anna Slatz published a piece at The Post Millennial, reporting how supposed agent and documentarian, Ryan Gordon, provided evidence of a text conversation between himself and Yaniv, wherein Yaniv appears to admit to having had ‘sexual contact’ with girls under the age of 16. Slatz also reported on yet another victim — Jane Doe, now 27 — who was pursued on by Yaniv when she was 16, working as an intern for a site Yaniv was blogging for in 2009, called Gizmofusion. We also know he owns a taser, which is illegal in Canada. Yaniv proudly informed White of this before doxxing White, who also identifies as transgender.

It should disturb every one of us that Twitter has elected to enable someone like Yaniv, and to make an ideologically-driven lie an incontrovertible truth, while silencing and libeling women who dare challenge this.

Source: Why is Jessica Yaniv still on Twitter and not in jail? | Spectator USA

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