Witch-trial of J.K. Rowling fan shows what women have lost | National Post

The trial of Hamm by the B.C. College of Nurses and Midwives started in September 2022, and there has been a total of 21 days of hearings stretching to now, November 2023 — 14 months. The O.J. Simpson trial only took ten months.

The crime alleged is this: between July 2018 and March 2021, she made “discriminatory and derogatory statements regarding transgender people” while identifying herself as a nurse or nurse educator.”

The investigation began after two complaints were made against her, one anonymously. One complainant was angry because she helped to erect a sign in Vancouver that said: “I (heart) J. K. Rowling.” The Harry Potter author is a bête noir of trans activists.

Like Rowling, Hamm believes that trans activists have succeeded in silencing women and made it more dangerous for females in prisons and changing rooms, for instance, because predatory men, calling themselves transwomen, can now access those spaces.

At the hearing, she called gender identity “anti-scientific, metaphysical nonsense,” according to the CBC.

Hamm is not accused of harming anyone as a nurse, denying anyone treatment, or doing anything wrong in her professional capacity. The disciplinary hearing is all about what she said — including that she believes that biology is a fact and there are only two sexes.

To prove that these are strange days, the defence witness called Tuesday wasn’t a medical professional — because this isn’t about health care — but a philosophy professor who spoke about how our right to free speech is withering away — because that is what this case is all about.

Kathleen Stock knows only too well the power of the trans activists because she was hounded from her job at the University of Sussex, England following a campaign of harassment, threats, insults and “the weaponizing of the internal complaints mechanism.”

Source: Witch-trial of J.K. Rowling fan shows what women have lost | National Post

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