Woman kicked out of Sturgeon trans debate for wearing suffragette scarf

A woman was kicked out of a Holyrood debate about transgender rights because her scarf in suffragette colours was deemed unacceptable by parliament staff.

The member of the public who had to leave the public gallery blamed Nicola Sturgeon for “striking fear” into society by suggesting that feminist opposition to her transgender reforms was “unacceptable”.

She was removed from the meeting of Holyrood’s equalities committee on Tuesday morning, because she refused to take off her purple, white and green white striped scarf – the colours associated with the early 20th century campaign for women’s votes.

The woman said she had eventually been told by parliament staff that her scarf had been deemed unacceptable because it was “associated with a political movement”.

However, two of the MSPs on the committee, and other parliament staffers, attended the hearing wearing rainbow lanyards, which have been adopted by trans rights activists. They were not asked to leave.

Source: Woman kicked out of Sturgeon trans debate for wearing suffragette scarf

2 thoughts on “Woman kicked out of Sturgeon trans debate for wearing suffragette scarf”

  1. The ‘micro aggression’s’ by which we offend the offend-able are entering the realms of matter where only an electron microscope of massive proportions can actually view them.

    Thank goodness the poor woman was not wearing a poppy as then she’d be accused of pro war hate crime…

    We are living in a time that more closely resembles McArthyism or Stalinism than anything that shows us off as proud children of the enlightenment…

  2. A great example of pettiness and overwrought adherence to inane correctness/fashion stifling debate – this now (common) kind of polarisation is a (dangerous) step back for feminism. Will abortion be banned on the premise that it not gender inclusive? – the period poverty relief promised by Dan Andrews is certainly causing a stink among a cohort men on Twitter who feel they are missing out.

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