Women and men are speaking out about abuse – is this the end of the patriarchy?

It is beginning to look as if not a single industry will escape allegations of sexual harassment – something that will not, of course, come as a surprise to most working women. The explosive allegations of sexual assault by the film producer Harvey Weinstein, spanning several decades, have become a huge talking point because his victims are well-known names. And this has led to an outpouring, in Hollywood and far beyond.

“This time, it feels a little bit different,” says Kimmel. “It feels like the women are being believed publicly, and women are lining up to talk about this. I think this is another moment in the long progression of the renegotiation of the relationship between women and men at work. This is about the entitlement felt by men in power that they can do these sorts of things. We’ve witnessed over the past 25 years the gradual believing of women when they tell these stories.”


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