Women Ceding Ground to Transgenderism

Women are arguing about their rights to safety in private spaces and against male violation of those spaces via the transgender narrative.

Women are arguing whether men should be on their sports teams, whether men have a physical advantage.

We are arguing whether men should have the right to our awards, our female universities, etc.

These are the wrong arguments. Women wind up in a cul de sac of defensiveness, arguing for something not to be taken away that has already been taken away. The line that was ceded and must be reclaimed is that men are not women, they are not female, they are not “transwomen.” They are men. \

Any other argument begins to sound like a mass hallucination and in a sense it is.

Most in western cultures are sewn to technology where this hallucination is propagated. We’d all be in a lot better shape if we lived on farms. Just try milking a bull that identifies as a cow and see how far you get.

Source: Women Ceding Ground to Transgenderism

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