Women killed by violence in 2022: It’s a national crisis.

Behind every number, there’s a story of tragedy. Our leaders hand out condolences and our politicians tell us they’re putting plans in place to address it, but nothing has changed yet. Women keep dying at an average of one per week.

It’s been said that this month’s federal election was led by women. They led the charge for change, fed up with the lack of real movement in this space alongside stagnant action on other key issues like climate change and childcare costs.

We know women are disproportionately affected by domestic violence – which is the driver behind the vast majority of these murders.

‘What about the men? They can be victims too?’ is a common retort.

True, they are. They can be.

But as Our Watch will tell you, 95 per cent of all victims of violence – whether women or men – experience violence from a male perpetrator.

Domestic violence occurs across all ages, socioeconomic and demographic groups but there’s no denying it mainly affects women and children, as the AIHW confirms. Indigenous women, young women and pregnant women are particularly at risk.

This is a story that refuses to go away. History just keeps repeating itself.

Source: Women killed by violence in 2022: It’s a national crisis.

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