‘Women. Life. Freedom’: Schoolgirls of Iran take to the streets protesting 

As demonstrations in Iran enter a third week, schoolgirls have taken to the streets, removing their headscarves and chanting “death to the dictator” as they trampled on the photos of Ayatollah Khomeini and Ayatollah Ali Khamenei — the two supreme leaders who have ruled the country since the 1979 revolution.

On Monday, footage posted on social media showed female students in the conservative city of Mashhad writing anti-regime slogans on blackboards, taking their hijabs off and marching onto public streets, shouting “shame on you.”

Similar demonstrations occurred in Karaj, and in the Kurdish city of Sanandaj, where girls protested without their hijabs, yelling “Women. Life. Freedom.”

[P]ublic fury has only exacerbated since the discovery of the body of missing 17-year-old girl Nika Shahkarami, who vanished last month during the protests in Tehran. Her body was found lying on a street, with head and facial wounds.

In the southern city of Shiraz, female students blocked traffic on a main road while shouting  “death to the dictator” and waving their headscarves in the air.

In another video from Karaj, girls are seen shouting, “If we don’t unite, they will kill us one by one.”

Source: ‘Women. Life. Freedom’: Schoolgirls of Iran take to the streets protesting 

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