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A group of women critical of gender ideology were physically assaulted in Portland by masked trans activists associated with Antifa, resulting in several women being taken to the hospital. Leaders and members of the US chapter of Women’s Declaration International (WDI), which aims to protect “the sex-based rights of women and girls,” were also threatened with death, called “fascists,” sprayed in the eyes with mace, and had their car tires slashed in the middle of the night.

Speaking with Reduxx, WDI USA president and author Kara Dansky explained that the goal of the event was to “have a conversation about the importance of protecting women and children in society” and voice concerns about gender ideology.

“In the days leading up to the event, we were in communication with security about how to ensure the safety of ourselves, library staff and guests. Hours before the event was scheduled to take place, we were informed that county security would be unable to guarantee our safety,” Dansky said.

The WDI members then decided to take their demonstration to the street, and set up on a sidewalk near the library.

“We chose to take our message directly to the public. We stood on a sidewalk, with a banner that read ‘Woman = adult human female.’ Within minutes, a vicious mob of men first started screaming at us that we were fascists, and then approached us,” Dansky said.

The small group of approximately ten women were greatly outnumbered, with Dansky estimating that there were between 30 to 50 trans activists clad in black masks.

“They started throwing things at us, cans filled with liquid that fell and sprayed all over us. Speaking for myself, someone approached me and sprayed something in my face. The impact hurt my eyes physically and whatever they sprayed got all over my face and clothing, but it did not injure me,” Dansky explained.

“Other women were treated much more brutally than I was. Several of the women in our group were sprayed directly in the face with mace, causing immediate and temporary blindness, and excruciating pain. The men punched several of us and pushed them onto the ground and repeatedly kicked them while they were on the ground. Four women had to go to the hospital to be treated for their injuries,” she added. . . .

While we were being assaulted, several women called 911 as it was happening. No one in the Portland Police Department responded to these calls reporting active incidents of assault, battery and robbery,” Dansky told Reduxx.

Source: Women Protesting Gender Ideology Attacked By Trans Activists, Antifa In Portland – Reduxx

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