Women quit Labour Party over self-identification row

Three hundred women are claimed to have left the Labour party over “all women shortlists” which are inclusive of trans women.
In a letter to The Times, 10 women, accused Labour of being “disingenuous”, adding that support for self-identification “reeks of male authority and male supremacy”.​
Continuing, they wrote: “We are dismayed at the Labour Party’s support for sex as a self-identified characteristic for all-women shortlists… We now face a situation in which any man can simply claim to be a woman and be included on all-women shortlists.
“Sex is not a self-defined characteristic and it is disingenuous for Labour to pretend that it is. Self-identity – ‘I am what I say I am’ – reeks of male authority and male supremacy.
“In contrast, women are rarely believed about the sexual violence we face or about harassment on the streets and domestic violence in the home…”

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