Women still under-represented in judiciary says study

Research by the Law Society in England & Wales shows that there is some way to go before women are properly represented in the judiciary.

Data from the courts and tribunals show that just 28% of court judges and 45% of tribunal judges are female. Women make up just 22% of high court judges and deputy judges and only 24% in the court of appeal.


And in other UK news:

The Government is to take immediate steps to stop charging employment tribunal fees and refund those who have paid following a “landmark” Supreme Court ruling.

The Ministry of Justice said it accepted a Supreme Court judgment in favour of public sector union Unison which has fought a four-year battle against controversial fees of up to £1,200 for taking a case to a tribunal.

The Supreme Court ruled unanimously in favour of the union, which had argued that the fees discriminated against women and other groups of workers.


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