Women’s groups accuse UN of promoting “rape culture” by saying trans women can be lesbians

Women’s groups have accused the United Nations of promoting a “rape culture” by saying trans women can be lesbians.

Earlier this week UN Women – the branch of the UN working for the empowerment of women – posted on X, formerly known as Twitter: “Remember, trans lesbians are lesbians too. Let’s uplift and honour every expression of love and identity.”

The organisation Women’s Declaration International (WDI) said this was “offensive and degrading to women” because it told lesbians they should consider approaches from biological men.

Sally Wainwright from WDI said: “It is almost beyond belief that the UN is promoting the homophobic and misogynist ideology that pretends men can be women and therefore lesbians.

It comes as a new book reveals that women’s rights across the world have come under threat by the growth of gender ideology. Women’s Rights, Gender Wrongs, looks at how gender ideology has affected women in 35 countries.

In the Australian state of Tasmania, it is illegal for lesbian events to exclude biological males. While in New Zealand, the official data agency, Statistics NZ, has made ‘gender’ the default for data collection in place of ‘sex’. In Canada, a women prisoner and survivor of childhood sexual abuse endured weeks of repeated rapes by a male prisoner incarcerated with her. In Brazil a tribunal ruled that affirmative policies intended to assure women’s participation in politics apply on the basis of ‘gender’ rather than ‘sex’.

Feminist academic Sheila Jeffreys, a director of WDI, said, “In the last decade, women’s rights have come under a serious global threat from the replacement of the category of sex by the notion of ‘gender’.

“People are fast waking up to the dangers of gender ideology within their own countries, but may not be aware of the extent to which it has captured much of the rest of the world. This landmark book provides that critical global perspective and will be a sobering but important read for anyone who wants to understand what is happening internationally.

Source: Women’s groups accuse UN of promoting “rape culture” by saying trans women can be lesbians

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