Women’s rights in the far left — are feminists actually neo-fascists? | by Ziggy M | Medium

[R]epeating the delusions that either; humans can change sex, or your gendered soul is the defining characteristic of what makes you male or female, is unhelpful for women, for those who suffer acute gender dysphoria, and all those who do not fit into gender stereotypes.

Many older transsexuals who have lived through transition are acutely aware of the compromises their life entails, and recommend extreme caution in taking that path. The decision to become a life-long medical patient, to accept compromised fertility and sexual function, to risk skeletal problems and cancer must not be taken lightly.

There are accounts of profound disappointment after the initial high of transition when the person realises it is a journey to a destination they will never reach. This may be the reason that depression and suicidal ideation has not been shown to decrease after transition (contrary to Mermaids propaganda). It is also well documented that young people seeking transition have a higher likelihood of being autistic, having mental health problems, or a history of abuse or trauma. It is irresponsible and unkind to sell them a myth rather than reach compassionate solutions based on honesty.

Telling a child suffering from body dysphoria that they are indeed born in the wrong body is not kind.

Many transsexuals, people with differences of sexual development (DSD), detransitioners, and those who identify as trans gender are themselves silenced and bullied for questioning the new orthodoxy and are being dragged into a fight they do not want. There is also a growing lesbian and gay movement who are once again having to assert the right to be same sex attracted. The fact that Stonewall has expressed no concern over the Newsnight report suggesting GIDS might be medicating gay children due to homophobia shows their lack of concern for gay rights. It is not ‘LGBT people’ the trans lobby is supporting, but a very specific dogma.

Peddling the myth that trans women are women, and that humans can change sex is not true, not useful and not kind.

Source: Women’s rights in the far left — are feminists actually neo-fascists? | by Ziggy M | Medium

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