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No. Because some bells can’t be unrung. You should never trust anyone who will suggest surgery in such a blasé manner. They are disregarding your life and are either not informed or being dishonest about the risks.

Here are differences in choosing a mastectomy over a breast reduction:

Breast reduction focuses on removing excess skin, fat and some fatty tissue to reshape and lift the breast. The breast overall in mostly intact, so breastfeeding is possible. Scarring depends a lot on genetics and aftercare.

While mastectomy removes majority of the milk glands and fatty tissue. With majority of the milk glands and fatty tissue gone your chest becomes concaved, in top surgery they are trying to replicate a masculine chest so they remove the excess skin and generally the the nipples are kept. Again, scarring can be visible depending on the surgeon technique but also relies on genetics and following aftercare.

I have seen a few people get top surgery and no nipples, so they would have to get their breasts reconstructed then later tattoo on nipples but they definitely have no ability to breastfeed should later they wish to reverse this procedure.

ThEY cAn jUsT gEt ImPLaNTs

Just like you can get toxicity for having a tampon in too long, guess what they discovered about breast implants that took years before it entered medical literature?




There is also fat transfer breast augmentations.. It is also known as fat grafting, while it seems less invasive it is still a surgery and carries the risk of death.

I have seen some innovative ideas being created within breast implant technology. This 3D printed scaffold to reconstruct breasts (more info here and here) but it is in early development.


  • Balding anyone? Now you need to pay for your Minoxidil or for a quality wig. $$$
  • Voice lowered? Cough up that cash for a trans friendly vocal coach or speech therapist to help you learn to speak in a more feminine pitch. $$$
  • Excessive and unwanted facial or body hair? Laser or electrolysis in the next few years for you to remove. Better have some $$$

I will end this with most ironic thing I have found as a detransitioner. The trans community will beg the wider community for compassion, empathy and understanding for them and their existence.

However when a detransitioner turns around and ask that exact thing for themselves, the trans community uses the exact talking points that is used against them to the detransitioner. “You are a fraction of the population, you don’t represent us, it’s not my problem, you made a mistake, I don’t get it, I don’t care” and so forth.

I see you. Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.

Source: YoU cAn JuSt rEpLaCe tHeM – is medically detransitioning as easy as they say? | GenderCritical

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