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We demand a Parliamentary Inquiry into Gender-Affirming ‘Care’.

Gender identity affirmation is marketed as ‘being your authentic self’ it’s based on the idea that ‘you were born in the wrong body‘ and requires therefore ‘gender affirming care;’ pharmaceutical products; puberty blockers, hormones and extreme body modifying surgery to achieve an appearance matching one’s “gender identity”: a subjectively experienced inner sense of self as the gender opposite to one’s actual sex of male or female.

There is a new industry around gender affirming care, and when made mandatory in law via conversion therapy bans it ensures the purchase of hormones and drugs throughout a youth’s lifetime. This is highly profitable for the pharmaceutical industry, doctors, and LGBT+ organisations that are funded to market this branding promoting transgenderism and prioritising the ‘T’ over the LGB.

But the surge in young Australian & New Zealanders particularly young girls identifying as transgender means that the number of people harmed by automatic gender-affirmation will increase.

Source: Youth | Lost In Transition

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