Anger over women’s business honour for cross-dressing banker

Lucy Bannerman for The Times writes:
A male Credit Suisse director who sometimes goes to work in a wig and dress has prompted outrage by accepting a place on a list of the Top 100 Women in Business.
Philip Bunce, who is married with two grow-up children, typically spends half his time as Philip and half as his female alter ego, Pippa. He says he is “gender fluid” and “non-binary.”
Kristina Harrison, an LGBT activist who was born male but transitioned 20 years said ago, she would never accept a place on an all-women shortlist as it was “insulting” to women who faced different challenges. “Being a woman is not a costume you can put on, on some days and not on others. The idea that you can become a woman by donning a wig and a dress is deeply sexist.”
She praised Mr Bunce’s willingness to challenge corporate stereotypes. “I would be the first to applaud Bunce’s gender non-conformity, especially in [the male-dominated business world] as it would be brave and boundary-pushing. It’s a shame he has to spoil it by accepting accolades for female executives, when he is clearly male.”

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