Judith Butler and Afghan women – The Feministani

Yesterday on Twitter, I wrote an angry tweet. It went like this:

“I just really need to know how Judith Butler’s definition of women applies to Afghan women who are being beaten on the streets by the Taliban. Have you ever considered that your academics really don’t fit the lives of women in the global South?”

In Afghanistan (extreme example) but also in Pakistan, where I live, in India, in Nepal, Bangladesh, Middle Eastern countries, North Africa, women (or people with female bodies) are being abused, harassed, assaulted and killed not just because they have female bodies, but because they refuse to hand those bodies over to men to do with as they please.

Because this possession and ownership of female bodies is absolutely tied to female biology and the production of children and sexual comfort for those men, separating sex from gender completely negates this form of oppression which is hugely insulting to all of us who are still fighting to end sex-based discrimination in our countries and regions.

Imagine a Muslim woman in the UK who escapes a violent marriage and threats of honor killing. She goes to a shelter where she feels safe because it is a female-only space. Not just because she is away from the realm of immediate male violence, but because as a Muslim woman she does not feel comfortable sharing intimate quarters with a person with a male body. This allows her to reconcile her awful situation as well as her need to feel she is acting in congruence with her identity and principles of modesty as a Muslim woman.

But if a trans woman with a penis is in the same space, then the Muslim woman will be in a terrible conflict about her actions in leaving her home. Suddenly, she is not able to remove her hijab or undress because she cannot do those things in front of a person with a male body who is not a family member. This not a hypothetical, there are Muslim, Sikh, and Hindu women who are now excluded from single sex-only spaces because the definition of woman has changed to include women with penises. To call that Muslim woman a TERF because she expresses discomfort is yet another abuse for her.

I’m afraid the trans rights activists are acting like Western colonisers and imperialists all over again, imposing their ideas of gender and sexuality on us the same way their Empire was imposed on us for a good part of the 20th century. I don’t really want gender colonialism in the 21st century. Do you?

Source: Judith Butler and Afghan women – The Feministani

Body modifier faces trial for alleged manslaughter, female genital mutilation

A man from the NSW Central Coast has pleaded not guilty to charges of manslaughter, female genital mutilation, and intentionally causing grievous bodily harm.

On Monday, a court heard that a woman who received a “tummy tuck” from body modifier Brendan Russell in 2016 at a salon in a shopping centre, experienced “extreme pain” and was covered in fresh blood before collapsing, as she attempted to recover from the procedure at home. The woman eventually needed to undergo corrective surgery in a hospital after her stomach wound became infected.

Another woman died from a blood infection after Russell implanted a plastic snowflake under the skin of her hand. He also faces an accusation that he mutilated a woman’s labia using a branding iron.

Russell, who calls himself BSlice DotCom, does not deny performing these procedures, but says they did not cause medical complications for the women. The court heard on Monday that Russell has no medical qualifications.

Source: Body modifier faces trial for alleged manslaughter, female genital mutilation

Alana McLaughlin is a cheat

Alana McLaughlin wore a shirt with the words “End trans genocide” written on it after he shamelessly beat a woman during his first MMA fight at Combate Global on September 10 in Miami. The 38-year-old served in the U.S. Army Special Forces for six years, before leaving in 2010, and was diagnosed with PTSD after serving in Afghanistan, undergoing “sex reassignment surgery” in 2016. He only recently began training in MMA, inspired by Fallon Fox, the fighter who fractured a woman’s skull in 2014 — one might say that only a sadist could watch a man knock out a woman and feel inspired, instead of repulsed, but then again, what can we expect from an ideology that demands women give up their boundaries and sanity to placate the desires of entitled men.

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India woman who accused MP of rape dies in self-immolation – BBC News

The death of a 24-year-old Indian woman, who had set herself on fire last week after alleging harassment by police and judiciary at the behest of an MP she had accused of rape, has once again put the spotlight on the shameful treatment of women in India.

The woman had accused Atul Rai, an MP from the regional Bahujan Samaj Party (BSP), of raping her at his home in Varanasi city and registered a police complaint against him in May 2019.

Mr Rai, who denies the accusation, was arrested a month later and has been in jail for the past two years.

Last November, his brother registered a police complaint accusing the woman of forgery. She had called the accusation “false” but earlier this month, a court issued a non-bailable arrest warrant against her.

In the video recording of the Facebook live, the young woman is seen accusing the MP of using his influence to harass her.

She and her friend name several police officials and even a judge, accusing them of colluding with Mr Rai.

Source: India woman who accused MP of rape dies in self-immolation – BBC News

Medicare investigation indicates female genital mutilation in Australia – Michael West Media

Medicare data indicates doctors are performing circumcisions on females, many under the age of five. Health authorities are claiming a computer error but an investigation by Tasha May has found alarm among community groups.

Data publicly available on Services Australia’s website records that between July 2013 to July 2021 there were 1,836 claims made under the Medicare code for the circumcision of the penis but recorded for female patients. Over half of these claims were for girls under 15 years of age.

All states and territories have enacted criminal legislation prohibiting female circumcision, known more commonly as female genital mutilation (FGM). However, Khadija Gbla, a survivor of FGM and Director of Ending FGM Australia, says it’s a fact that FGM does still occur in Australia and that a conservative estimate suggests that 11 girls a day are at risk.

Gbla said she would not be surprised if some are subsidising the practice under Medicare as “we know Medicare fraud occurs” and the high numbers of occurrence appear “too much for it to be a coincidence.”

Betul Tuna, Project Officer for the Ethnic Council of Shepparton, said that their investigation found several male circumcision clinics entertained the idea of performing the circumcision on females while other clinics directed them to home circumcision avenues.

Source: Medicare investigation indicates female genital mutilation in Australia – Michael West Media

Rising Abuse, Sexual Violence Against Incarcerated Women by Male ‘Transgender’ Inmates | Women Are Human

Shocking incidents of sexual violence against incarcerated women are alarmingly on the rise as laws are increasingly passed to allow male inmates who self-identify as women to be placed in women’s prisons. Here are examples of some of the worst reported incidents of sexual brutality by transgender-identifying, male prisoners against incarcerated women to have come […]

Source: Rising Abuse, Sexual Violence Against Incarcerated Women by Male ‘Transgender’ Inmates | Women Are Human

#ThisNeverHappens happens again – by ripx4nutmeg – The Glinner Update

In 2018, before BBC’s Woman’s Hour turned into People’s Hour, it interviewed trans activist, and Jolyon Maugham teacher, Alex Sharpe, who spent much of the interview saying that predictions that self ID could lead to dangerous men saying that they’re women for nefarious reasons were “utterly bogus and massively concocted. It’s a campaign of fear, it’s a moral panic that’s been generated by gender critical feminists.”

This led to the #ThisNeverHappens hashtag, which gets an airing every time a story breaks of a man who said he’s a woman in order to commit a crime or as a defence after being caught committing a crime.

#ThisNeverHappens has happened again.

Michael Hari is a far-right terrorist with a history of violent behaviour.

He was convicted of child abduction in 2006 and in 2017, when a neighbour complained about his loose dogs, Hari allegedly attacked him and put a gun to his head. However, the trial has been postponed because of more pressing court matters, such as his alleged attempts to bomb an abortion clinic, and his role in the bombing of an Islamic Centre in Minnesota. Prosecutors have requested that he be sentenced to a full life term.

However, with sentencing now just a couple of weeks away, Michael has asked a judge to legally acknowledge that he is a woman called Emily Claire Hari, that ‘gender dysphoria fueled her “inner conflict” when she was convicted in the bombing’, that he should therefore receive no more than 30 years in jail, and he has ‘asked for an amended prison placement [that is, to be housed in a women’s jail] based on her transgender identity’.

Source: #ThisNeverHappens happens again – by ripx4nutmeg – The Glinner Update

Notorious baby killer among biological males granted transfers to women’s prisons | The Post Millennial

The California legislature passed a measure in July to house prison inmates according to their stated gender identity and not according to biological sex. The policy went into effect January 1, and since then, 261 inmates have requested transfers, nearly all of them biological males asking to be housed with women.

The death penalty is currently suspended in California. Hann requested cross-gender surgery in 2019, at the state’s expense, claiming to identify as a woman, and then asked to be moved to a women’s prison. Hann was moved to the Central California Women’s Facility in Chowchilla in May 2020, and remains there still, as does the mother of the children Hann beat to death.

Source: Notorious baby killer among biological males granted transfers to women’s prisons | The Post Millennial

Serial killer reveals post-prison struggles in fight for more freedoms

In a bid for more freedom, a serial killer has spoken of her challenges since being released from prison, ranging from making friends to using a mobile phone and the internet for the first time.

Regina Kaye Arthurell, who was jailed under the name Reginald Kenneth Arthurell, began transitioning shortly after being released from prison in November last year.

Once dubbed the “cowboy killer”, Arthurell served almost 24 years behind bars for bludgeoning fiancee Venet Mulhall to death at Coonabarabran in 1995 while on parole.

Mr Quinn, Ms Mulhall’s brother, said the killer would always need to be monitored and would remain a “danger to society” until on the “wrong side of the grass”.

He said he was worried about the idea of Arthurell being allowed to travel anywhere in Australia.

Mr Quinn said when the killer left his sister for dead, Arthurell was dressed as a female, who witnesses at the time mistook for the victim.

“This person doesn’t have a desire to be in a relationship, he’s a psychopath and he is just looking for somebody to take advantage of. He’s done that all his life”, Mr Quinn said.

Source: Serial killer reveals post-prison struggles in fight for more freedoms