Transgender activists heckle elderly woman, 80, and rip down suffragette flags behind her | Daily Mail Online

Julie Jaman, 80, was giving a speech about her experience in Port Townsend, Washington, when angry trans protestors ripped down suffragette flag before chanting loudly over her.

  • Julie Jaman, 80, has been a regular for 35 years at the Mountain View pool in the City of Port Townsend, Washington state – but has now been banned 
  • She was made aware of the trans worker, Clementine Adams, being in the changing room while she was taking a shower after taking a dip 
  • While addressing people who supported her, Jaman was heckled by trans activists who ripped down her suffragette flags
  • The senior could be seen looking scared as she asked ‘are we gonna get beaten up?’ and begged someone to call the police 
  • During the incident last week Jaman said she ‘heard a man’s voice’ and confronted the woman (sic) about whether or not she (sic) ‘had a penis’ 
  • Police were called and took details of the incident in order to file a report Pool bosses say Jaman was barred due to several incidents, not just this one

Source: Transgender activists heckle elderly woman, 80, and rip down suffragette flags behind her | Daily Mail Online

Backlash As A Man Is Appointed Scotland’s First ‘Period Dignity Officer’ | HuffPost UK News

Former tennis star Martina Navratilova has led the backlash over the decision to appoint a man as Scotland’s first “period dignity officer”.

Critics say the job, which involves promoting access to free sanitary products in schools and colleges across the Tay region, should have gone to a woman.

Navratilova said choosing Grant for the role is “fucking ridiculous”.
She added: “Have we ever tried to explain to men how to shave or how to take care of their prostate or whatever? This is absurd.”

Source: Backlash As A Man Is Appointed Scotland’s First ‘Period Dignity Officer’ | HuffPost UK News

Detransitioners Lament Inadequate Clinical Support

Transgender people who medically detransition — those who stop or switch gender-affirming hormone therapy or who undergo a reversal of a surgical reconstruction — report feeling stigmatized by clinicians and receiving inadequate professional support, researchers have found. As a result, such patients often avoid healthcare at the time they stop undergoing medical interventions, and many consider their overall care to be “suboptimal.”

Source: Detransitioners Lament Inadequate Clinical Support

OPINION: Transitioning Dead Women – Reduxx

According to historian Bettany Hughes, of all written and recorded history, only 0.5% is about women despite women consistently making up about 50% of the population.

But that hasn’t stopped the trans-historians of trans-history. Armed with sexist stereotypes, they have been marching through history’s great women, so kindly “correcting” the record of their lives where they have determined one or another wasn’t sufficiently “womanly” enough. All in the name of smashing the gender binary, of course.

The most recent example of this is the Sainted Joan of Arc. Joan was a French heroine that led the French army to victory against the English in 1429, purportedly after receiving divine guidance to do so. As she led troops into battle, she donned more practical men’s clothes and armor. After being captured by the English in 1430, she was tried in a kangaroo court on charges of witchcraft, heresy, and defying the divine law for having dressed as a man. She was burned alive in 1431 at the age of 19.

An incredible story of an inspiring, powerful woman.

… Until now.

On August 11, London-based theatre Shakespeare’s Globe announced it’s upcoming play I, Joan, which would re-write her story to make her non-binary who utilized ‘they/them’ pronouns.

While it is true that Joan defied the world’s expectations of her, play writer Charlie Josephine’s implication that she was less of a woman for doing so only reinforces these societal expectations of what a woman should be.

Calling Joan “they” instead of “she” does nothing to question the gender binary. Rather than acknowledging that Joan was a woman who overcame the expectations imposed upon her because of her sex, Joesphine suggests that being a woman is nothing more than adherence to those very expectations.

Unfortunately, Joan is not the only woman who has had her womanhood stripped from her for not conforming to their stereotypical sex-role.

A blog post referred to the founder of modern nursing, Florence Nightingale, by he/him pronouns because she sometimes called herself a “man of action” and a “man of science,” and had a close, documented relationship with a female friend. They argued that it was far more likely that she was a man than a lesbian.

The author of Little Women, Louisa May Alcott, has also been described as “trans” by both activists and Queer news outlet LGBTQ Nation. A tweet from earlier this year wracked up over 34,000 likes after a round-bespectacled gender special firmly declared Alcott was transgender.

Source: OPINION: Transitioning Dead Women – Reduxx

DAN WOOTTON: The intolerant left belittles the death threats against JK Rowling at its peril | Daily Mail Online

There should have been only one response from the literary world when JK Rowling was threatened with death by a terrorist supporter after tweeting her support for Sir Salman Rushdie: Unity against such obviously dangerous criminal behaviour.

The death threat against Rowling came in a reply to her tweet after learning of Rushdie’s stabbing on Friday at the Chautauqua Institution in New York state where she posted: ‘Horrifying news. Feeling very sick right now. Let him be ok.’

The Iran-supporting Islamic extremist Meer Asif Aziz, a political activist and student based in Karachi, Pakistan responded with the chilling reply: ‘Don’t worry you are next.’

Aziz also described Rushdie’s alleged attacker Hadi Matar as a ‘revolutionary Shia fighter’.

Astonishingly, after making a formal complaint, Rowling even received an email from the social media platform that read: ‘After reviewing the available information, we determined that there were no violations of the Twitter rules in the content you reported.’

It took Rowling to post a screenshot of that response juxtaposed with Twitter’s own guidelines, which clearly state violence cannot be threatened against individuals or groups and terrorism cannot be promoted, for action to be taken.

The irony is, of course, that if you go against the woke orthodoxy of the US tech giants you can be banned in a flash.

Source: DAN WOOTTON: The intolerant left belittles the death threats against JK Rowling at its peril | Daily Mail Online

JK Rowling ridicules Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre for portraying Joan of Arc as non-binary | Daily Mail Online

Harry Potter author JK Rowling has ridiculed the Globe Theatre’s portrayal of Joan of Arc as non-binary after women’s rights campaigners said the switch was ‘insulting and damaging’.

  • Harry Potter writer and women’s rights campaigner JK Rowling entered debate
  • Feminists today denounced new non-binary portrayal as offensive and sexist 
  • Joan of Arc will have ‘them/they’ pronouns, MailOnline exclusively revealed
  • Historical icon is female and a saint honoured for her bravery fighting for France
  • Theatre had defended production and suggested Shakespeare would agree

And while Ms Rowling’s entry to the debate was the lightest of touches, it will be seen as hugely significant to supporters of her views and causes.

It came after a Twitter user criticised The Globe’s new I, Joan production.

Her remark of ‘Coming next: Napoleon was a woman because he was defeated at Waterloo’ was liked by Ms Rowling on the social media timeline.

It came moments after Heather Binning from Women’s Rights Network told MailOnline the play was damaging to women.

She said: ‘This demonstrates just how our arts and creative industries have taken on the woke mantle without realising that ‘being kind’ to one group of people actually hurts and damages another important and fundamental group.

‘Joan of Arc was female. Her early years were spent cooking and cleaning and looking after the animals. When she was 10 she had a vision that she was to fight for France. In order to do this she took on the outward appearance of being male.

‘This had nothing to do with ‘feelings’ and everything to do with the biological reality and disadvantage that being female brought. Many women throughout the ages have had to adopt ‘maleness’ in order to be taken seriously and advance their ambition.

Source: JK Rowling ridicules Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre for portraying Joan of Arc as non-binary | Daily Mail Online

Tavistock gender clinic ‘to be sued by 1,000 families’ | News | The Times

The Tavistock gender clinic is facing mass legal action from youngsters who claim they were rushed into taking life-altering puberty blockers.

Lawyers expect about 1,000 families to join a medical negligence lawsuit alleging vulnerable children have been misdiagnosed and placed on a damaging medical pathway.

They are accusing the gender identity development service [GIDS] at the Tavistock and Portman NHS Trust of multiple failures in its duty of care.

This includes allegations it recklessly prescribed puberty blockers with harmful side effects and adopted an “unquestioning, affirmative approach” to children identifying as transgender.

Source: Tavistock gender clinic ‘to be sued by 1,000 families’ | News | The Times

The story behind the giant bronze Amazon statue in Benin – Face2Face Africa

The strength of the Beninese woman in modern history was reasserted this week in the West Africa nation when the President of Benin, Patrice Talon, unveiled a giant Amazon statue.

It’s a 30-meter statue made of bronze and situated in Benin’s capital of Cotonou. It’s christened ‘Esplanade des Amazones’. For many Beninese, it represents Queen Tassi Hangbe who ruled alongside her brother in 1700, while for followers of oral history, it’s the Beninese Amazon, a legion of she-warriors who defended the Dahomey kingdom (present-day Benin) and her people fearlessly.

Oral tradition traces the emergence of the Amazons of Benin to the crude impact of the slave trade. This compelled a culture of grooming girls in the art of war. By the 1800s, the number of she-warriors in Dahomey was estimated in the thousands.

Another version of history traces the roots of the Amazons to Queen Hangbe who ruled after the death of her twin brother, King Akaba. She is credited for building an army of spinster warriors who were recruited and trained at an early age.

Their initial role was royal bodyguards until they were conscripted into an army by King Gezo between 1818 and 1858. They embodied women empowerment in all their endeavors as they sought to outshine men in every aspect of their life. They were considered well organized, better trained and braver than their male counterparts.

The Amazons, to many, represent the feminine strength and the voice of women in an underrepresented society.

Source: The story behind the giant bronze Amazon statue in Benin – Face2Face Africa

The BBC is wrong about OnlyFans | The Spectator

If it sounds too good to be true, then it is. Despite what parts of the BBC’s report might lead some young people to think, this isn’t easy money. Although a small number of men also do what Alexia is doing, this is about women being exploited.

As the cost-of-living crisis bites and a recession looms, women are once again being fed a dangerous message: that the sex trade might be a great place to make money. In an article on the BBC website, OnlyFans has been cited as a lucrative way for attractive youngsters to top up their income.

Last year, a BBC investigation found that children as young as 14 were being exploited on the site. One teenager told a counsellor she had been on OnlyFans since she was 13.

All of this makes it baffling to think why the BBC is giving OnlyFans a platform and suggesting it might be a straightforward way for young people to make ends meet.

I’ve interviewed young women who told me how seeing pornographic footage of themselves online induced panic attacks and low self-esteem, even leading, in some cases, to self-harm. Several told me they had not realised how many punters post pornographic content on their own social media, and share it on sites such as Pornhub.

OnlyFans often gets off the hook because the women who use the site are selling images and videos of themselves rather than directly selling sex. But is there much of a difference between pornography and prostitution? I’m not convinced there is. And is it any safer? The screen between the punter and the content creator does offer some degree of separation, but it is worryingly easy for men to track down women.

It’s time to stop making excuses for OnlyFans, pretending it offers a solution to hardship. Selling images of yourself online may be a quick fix, but ultimately is of benefit only to the exploiters and profiteers. The BBC should be ashamed of itself for giving OnlyFans this platform.

Source: The BBC is wrong about OnlyFans | The Spectator

Clinical Damage: The Tavistock Clinic’s closure follows a damning report on ideological malpractice | SEGM

The damage done is immeasurable. No one knows how years of ideological dogma, inappropriate treatment and a culpable failure to consider the overall mental welfare of the children treated by the Tavistock Clinic will affect the thousands referred to its Gender Identity Development Service. Yesterday the government thankfully brought the scandal to a swift halt. In the wake of a devastating report in March on the clinic’s reckless prescription of puberty blockers, ministers have shut it down altogether. Treatment of children questioning their gender identity will now be handled instead by established and respected regional children’s hospitals.


Disbanding the Tavistock is not before time. The once pioneering north London centre focusing on the psychiatric care of children has become an institute captured by a pernicious clique of “queer theory” trans activists, unwilling to question the reliance on puberty blockers, analyse the longterm effects of this untested treatment, or tolerate any dissenting opinion among staff. The Tavistock failed to collect data on puberty blockers for those under 16, refused to follow up the effects of its treatments and paid virtually no attention to other common factors such as autism, eating disorders or histories of trauma and abuse. It naively confused sexual orientation with gender identity, accepted at face value all declarations by children that they were born in the wrong body and treated all complex problems through the prism of gender.


There were plenty of warning signs. A number of senior staff objected that the clinic did not follow established protocols for the safe use of life-changing hormone treatment. Unable to voice their doubts, many left. Whistleblowers were denounced as transphobic. And as discussion of trans issues became more polemical and political, the clinic saw an extraordinary rise in the number of referrals from across the country, especially among young girls seemingly distressed about their gender. Last year there were more than 5,000 referrals compared to 250 a decade ago. Parents, warned by trans activists that failure to offer early access to hormone treatment before puberty could lead to their children’s suicide, besieged the clinic, the only one in Britain focusing on the issue.


When at last the NHS decided to investigate, the report by Dr Hilary Cass was appalling. The clinic had failed to keep accurate records of all the children treated with hormones after they grew up. There was no long-term monitoring of the out-comes, no attempt to look at other factors affecting mental wellbeing, and no distinction between clinical experience and the shrill activism of those who insisted that trans rights were above all a matter of social and political acceptance. Science should never be prisoner to ideology, nor should scientists be intimidated into muting doubts about current practice. The Tavistock’s reliance on puberty blockers has been compared to the 20th-century craze for curing mental illness with lobotomies. It is based on little clinical evidence but becomes a universal cure. Children are subject to a myriad of factors affecting their mental health: anorexia, self-harming, isolation, and ruptured relationships. Body dysmorphia should be set in the context of overall pediatric care, as it now will be. Worries about the Tavistock’s obtuse ideology have long been highlighted by writers for The Times. At last the government has listened. The full PDF of the article is below:

Source: Clinical Damage: The Tavistock Clinic’s closure follows a damning report on ideological malpractice | SEGM