‘Breach of trust’: landmark study delves into sexual misconduct complaints made against Australia’s health professions

Medical practitioners, psychologists, chiropractors and osteopaths comprise 22% of registered health practitioners in Australia, yet almost three-quarters of sexual misconduct complaints made to health regulators involved these professions, a world-first study has found.

Although nurses and midwives comprised 59.2% of health practitioners, they made up 19.2% of sexual misconduct complaints.

Rates of notifications alleging sexual assault were higher for chiropractors and osteopaths, psychiatrists, and general practitioners than for internal medicine physicians.

exual misconduct complaints made against Australia’s health professions | Health | The Guardian

Crossdressing Labour Councillor Admits Possession of Nearly 300,000 Child Sex Abuse Images; Walks Free

UK — Devon, England. A Labour Councillor who got his jollies off roleplaying a female child rape victim in an underground internet community has recently walked free after admitting to possessing images depicting sexual abuse of children and animals.
Mr Spackman served as Labour councillor for the Newtown and St Leonards district of Exeter City Council, and quit the day after his arrest. He worked full-time at a Secure Children’s Home from September 2001 until his position was made redundant in February 2010.

Source: Crossdressing Labour Councillor Admits Possession of Nearly 300,000 Child Sex Abuse Images; Walks Free | Women Are Human

Doctor accused of drugging, sexually assaulting patients while they slept at Sydney clinic

A court is told Ali Khorami, a doctor at a sleep research clinic in Glebe, sexually assaulted overnight patients and drugged one woman by spiking her orange juice.

Source: Doctor accused of drugging, sexually assaulting patients while they slept at Sydney clinic – ABC News

Exposing youth to porn is dangerous, but the harms of pornography don’t end there

We know porn consumption harms children. But is it fine, as a New Zealand PSA implies, if it is watched only by adults who understand the acts they see on film are “not real”?

A 2018 investigative report conducted by the Swedish newspaper Aftonbladet based on criminal cases related to gang rapes found that 70 per cent of the rapists were between 15 and 20 years old, while the victims’ average age was 15. In some cases, both the perpetrators and the victims were younger than 15.

Today, a majority of scenes in mainstream porn contain both physical and verbal abuse targeted against the female performers.

That the porn stars are presented as cool, happy people reinforces the myth of the “happy hooker” — a self-driven, consenting woman who is in the industry by choice, making great money.

Dark web aside, the regular pornographic content accessible by non-premium Pornhub visitors is documented rape, torture, and sadism perpetrated on female bodies − many of them minors. They are real human beings, who often will struggle with trauma and PTSD for life as a result of their experience in the sex trade.

This is what porn is about, and there is no trace of it in this superficial, harmful, naïve ad. No, children should not be watching porn. But that content doesn’t magically become harmless the moment an individual turns 18.

Source: Exposing youth to porn is dangerous, but the harms of pornography don’t end there

Transgenderism: The Latest Anti-Feminist Wedge of the Left

At least since the sexual revolution of the 1960s, Lefties have been rankled by the presence of feminists among their ranks.

But purging these uppity women presents a challenge. Overtly denigrating feminists is risky: it can be perceived as misogynistic, and cedes too much political ground on issues lefties like to call their own – such as abortion rights.

So the Left is stuck with having to marginalise through covert means the political movement organised to resist male supremacy and its violent war against women and children.

An effective covert tactic has been to play wedge politics.

The Left’s first victory came in the 1980s. Throughout this decade, feminist opposition to pornography was beginning to gain traction as a wedge issue. As a result, an entire generation of feminists was driven from the Left for refusing to adhere to the newly minted idea of the sexual revolution that pornography was an expression of women’s political freedom.

A subsequent generation of feminists in the 1990s was defeated, again by a Leftist wedge tactic, but this time the long history of feminist abolitionist campaigning against prostitution was the core demand turned upside down. Instead of sexual slavery, the Left reconceptualised prostitution as a form of work for women, and a consumer service activity for “clients.” Feminists who failed to parrot this newly conceived idea of “sex work” were chased out, and women got rewards for doing the chasing.

The Left today is nonetheless achieving a purge of feminists from its ranks unrivalled by their previous successes of the 1980s and 1990s. Playing wedge politics is still the tactic of choice, but the issue requiring women’s pledge of allegiance is brand new.

Transgenderism bastardises the core feminist insight that “woman” is a politically defined social category generated by male violence and the exclusion, expropriation and colonisation of female human beings. Rendered as a Leftist wedge issue, this insight becomes the distorted proposition that “woman” is a flexible human “identity” with which any individual might associate themselves – even fully-grown rational male human beings.

Transgenderism is not a political movement motivated by progressive concerns – it’s just the latest weapon in the Left’s covert battle against feminism.

Source: Transgenderism: The Latest Anti-Feminist Wedge of the Left – ABC Religion & Ethics

Cartoonist Stella Perrett’s Right of Reply

Open Right of Reply to the readers of the Morning Star, from political
cartoonist Stella Perrett, and to the people who unthinkingly trashed
her as ‘transphobic’ on twitter

My cartoon was a literal comment on the very real, physical, fear women and girls feel at the prospect of entire men being allowed into ‘Women-only’ spaces, which in the UK, have been protected since the Equality Act 2010.

A fear which has been borne out by the ever increasing list of male criminals ‘self-identifying’ as women, committing crimes against women, which are then reported in court transcripts and the media, as BY women.(Have a look at the youtube film “These are not our crimes”). There are ever increasing number of men, self-identifying as women, who are being allowed into women’s hostels, rape crisis centres, prisons, hospital wards, both as inmates and staff, as well as public places like changing rooms.

My cartoon “Endgame” (pictured below) was the first cartoon I had ever sent them on the subject of the GRA in my 5 years as their regular cartoonist. At various points in those 5 years, they had called me their ‘Star’ cartoonist, ‘one of the country’s best political cartoonists,’and ‘one of this country’s most incisive political cartoonists’.

Source: Cartoonist Stella Perrett’s Right of Reply to Morning Star Readers | Women’s Liberation Radio News

South Korea rejects US extradition request over child abuse website

A South Korean court has denied a US extradition request for the man behind one of the world’s largest child sexual abuse websites.

Son Jong-woo, who ran the site Welcome to Video, served 18 months in South Korea for producing and distributing indecent images of children.

He was found to be the operator of the website Welcome to Video – a covert online den for people who traded in clips of children being sexually assaulted. Among the victims was a child of just six months.

Authorities tracked down more than 300 other people connected to the website in a wide range of countries including South Korea, Britain, Germany, Saudi Arabia, Canada, Spain, Brazil and Australia.

Source: South Korea rejects US extradition request over child abuse website – BBC News

National Redress Scheme name and shame list released

A pony club, a ‘cult’, and the Jehovah’s Witnesses, are among the institutions refusing to join a scheme to compensate victims of child sex abuse.

On Wednesday morning, Minister for Families and Social Services Anne Ruston revealed the names of the organisations as the federal government confirmed all six would be punished through bans on future funding.

Senator Ruston’s office said on Wednesday it was still investigating how it could revoke tax concessions such as the organisations’ charity statuses.

Source: National Redress Scheme name and shame list released

Stop the brutality: Abolish prisons

Most women in prisons have gone through violent or sexual abuse. These already vulnerable women are then subjected to more abuse from the state. They need people to start speaking out for them, not judging them.

As an advocate for First Nation women prisoners, especially Yamatji prisoners, I find the present situation disturbing. Prisoner numbers just keep growing and new prisons keep getting built. I have learned that the number of First Nations women being locked up is growing at a faster rate than any other demographic. These women, who have more than likely encountered an aggressive police officer or two, are taken from their children or, even worse, their children are put in state care. Prison breaks up families, causing more social issues back in the community.

Women detainees also face violations of their bodies via multiple strip searches. What the average Australian would call a violation of a woman’s body is done legally in prison. The prison system legally violates a woman’s body in the name of law and order.

I support prison abolition and while people are being locked away in cages, I will continue to be an abolitionist. There is not only a strong need to abolish the police force but an even stronger need to abolish the prison system. They work hand in hand, the police and prison systems.

[Deborah Green is a Yamatji woman and writer.]

Source: Stop the brutality: Abolish prisons | Green Left