Radical feminism paves the way for a resurgent South Korean women’s movement

Jihye Kuk, Hyejung Park, and Caroline Norma for Feminist Current write:

[A]nother woman posted a fake warning online that spy cams had been planted in all men’s toilets at Hongik University and that the footage would be posted on porn sites. This warning prompted a swift police search of the university that turned up nothing. The irony of this immediate response became obvious when compared with the ongoing lack of response to women’s complaints about the website, SoraNet, which illegally hosted pornographic footage of Korean women taken by vengeful boyfriends, public harassers, and prostitution buyers, and provided a forum for men to discuss, among other things, how to arrange gang rapes of women in hotel rooms. SoraNet was shut down in 2016 after police arrested its owners, but the site operated for 16 years without interruption and it took a decade of women complaining before police finally took action.

In order to draw further attention to this hypocrisy, Korean feminists disseminated fake news articles about men using date-rape drugs bought online to facilitate the rape of other men in Korea’s military. Sites selling these drugs in Korea had been operating for years, despite women’s complaints (including from victims of drug-facilitated rape). But after the fake articles were circulated, Korean police shut down the websites within a day.

In another example of irreverence among Korean feminists, Megalia’s banner features an image parodying men’s preoccupation with penis size: a hand gesture suggesting penis size being measured between the pointer finger and thumb. Feminists intentionally held the June rally on June 9, a day they chose to officially (and sarcastically) express sympathy for men with small penises (called 소추절), referencing a research study, widely shared online, showing that the average Korean male penis is 6.9cm in length, which is shorter than the international standard.


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