The problem with women eating crunchy chips?

And I dare say that the ‘crunch’ chips make when you’re eating them is not high on the list of key grievances affecting women in 2018. Nor is the fact that flavour gets stuck to fingers as you’re attempting to dive down to collect those last few broken chips at the bottom of a pack.

But PepsiCo, parent company of Doritos, has felt the need to deny it will be releasing “female-friendly” chip product following a global backlash to CEO Indra Nooyi’s comments on the Freakonomics podcast that women eat and enjoy chips differently to men, and that female-friendly chip packaging could be on its way, with the company getting ready to “launch a bunch” of such products soon.

According to Nooyi, women are looking for snacks with a “low crunch” sound, that we can enjoy with less flavour sticking to our fingers, and in packaging that can fit in our purses.

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