‘Body exploration rooms’ banned at German nurseries

A chain of German kindergartens has been banned from setting up “body exploration rooms” for young children to undress and play games.

The “doctor game”, in which children under the age of six examine or touch each other’s naked body parts, has been formally regulated in a growing number of nurseries around the country over the past decade.
First the Queen Maria Catholic nursery in the southwest German village of Tennenbronn told parents it was setting up a “safe room” for children to embark on a “journey to their bodies” under adult supervision, subject to parental consent.
One local newspaper columnist denounced the concept as a “paradise for paedophiles” and other critics said it amounted to sexualising children, before the kindergarten beat a hasty retreat. Then another daycare centre run by the Workers’ Welfare Association in Hanover announced a similar scheme.
In a letter to parents it said the children were naturally playing the doctor game in bathrooms or “bushes” anyway, and it would be more sensible to encourage them to play it with adult guidance and fixed rules.
Such rules include that “boys and girls will only stroke or examine one another as much as they themselves and the other children are comfortable with” and “no child will put any object in another child’s bodily orifices”.
The youth office for the surrounding state of Lower Saxony swiftly prohibited the practice, which it said posed a danger to child welfare. It is reviewing training manuals distributed to daycare centres by ProFamilia, one of Germany’s largest sex education charities.
ProFamilia’s representatives have been promoting the concept since at least as far back as 2013, when two of its counsellors told a national newspaper that small children were already “sexual creatures” and carefully supervised “body exploration games” with clear rules were a healthy part of child development.

Source: ‘Body exploration rooms’ banned at German nurseries

2 thoughts on “‘Body exploration rooms’ banned at German nurseries”

  1. I would ask folks “Where did you think sexualizing everything was going to lead?”

    We understand reason and logic yet refuse to use those tools and instead let feelings rule the day.

    That does not bode well yet we are to far into this path and as you will see, what you believe will never be a thing will become so common as not to even question its virtue

    I am 60 and I have seen it all my life and I now understand how a society succumbs to its vices and defames any virtues

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